Roll Up Accessories

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  • 8-Foot Tall Support Pole

    8-Foot Tall Support Pole..


    Product Code: BTD-RSPOLE-T

    • For all ROLL-UPS, Double- Sided, and VX
    • Extra-Large replacement Support Pole extends all standard Roll Ups to a fixed height of 98.5″ tall
    • 98.5″ tall

  • clamp

    Clamping Halogen Light Fi..


    Product Code: BTD-CLAMP

    • Clips on to any vertical pole
    • 35watts with standard 12volt wall adapter
    • Clamping, Chromed Stainless steel, Adjustable head

  • gray case

    Gray Luggage Case..


    Product Code: BTD-DBAG-34

    • Gray Luggage Case with wheels, 41″x10″x4″
    • Holds all 24″, 33″, and 39″  Roll- Ups , X-G, X-B4, LBAN-B, FlyBan 84, and POST-A
    • Holds up to 41″ wide x 4″ tall x 10″ deep

  • CamDisplays-List15-359

    Halogen Light Fixture..


    Product Code: BTD-DLAMP

    • 50watts
    • ONLY fits into the top of Roll Up Support Poles (not Adj. Height)
    • L-Banner B & V and Post-D1
    • Available in standard Brushed Aluminum or Black

  • hard carry case

    Hard Carrying Case 36 Bla..


    Product Code: BTD-HCASE-36

    • Rugged polypropylene, strong snapping latches, padlock tabbed, 4 accessory compartments, 4 foam pads
    • Holds Roll-Ups 24, 33, 24A, 33A, 33L, 33AT, 33TR, double-sided D2, X-G, X-B4, Econo-X, LBAN-B, FlyBan 84, and POST-A
    • Holds up to 35.5″ wide x 5″ tall x 6.5″ deep

  • HSC



    Product Code: BTD-HSC

    • Hard Plastic Molded Carrying Case with locking lid. Padded interior.  Can be used as a podium. Holds up to 9 x 33″ RollUps or a complete 3- panel Display Wall.
    • 38″ Tall x 16″ x 15″. Can be easily wrapped with graphics or carpet.
    • Double-wall cardboard box.

  • CamDisplays-List15-484

    LED Universal Spot Light..


    Product Code: BTD-CLAMP-LED

    • Clip-On Base, Curved Arm, Wall Adapter, Clips on to any vertical pole, standard 12volt wall adapter
    • C-LAMP with LED light. Low heat and electrical usage. Long-life LED technology. Equivalent of 35w.
    • C-LAMP with 78 LED lights. Low heat and electrical usage.
    • Equivalent of 50w.

    *Note: Some convention centers require LED lighting to meet fire codes

  • Padded Carry Case

    Replacement Padded Carryi..


    Product Code: BTD-DBAG-33

    • Black, Zippered Canvas/Nylon, Shoulder straps and handles.
    • Holds standard Roll-Up 24 and 33